Mac User having Addon Issues.

For whatever reason my search function does not seem to be working, so I apologize in advance if this has been covered elsewhere.

I’m a mac user and have lots of addons, once I moved to gmod 13 they became unusable, despite the fact that I changed their info.txt to addon.txt

I have the legacy addon viewer, but lo, it does not work on mac (this is a known issue, Garry has not responded/is not keen on fixing it).

So my question is this: Do I have any alternatives? Is there any other way to get those addons to work?

Thank you for reading.

The reason those addons aren’t working has nothing to do with using a Mac. Not all addons can simply be ported to 13 by renaming a text file; they actually have to be changed because they rely on things that are no longer/not working in Gmod 13.

Thank you for your reply, however all of these models work with gmod13 for my friends who have windows.

Sounds like you need to troubleshoot. Take all of your addons out of the addons folder, edit/add/test them one by one. I can’t see why it wouldn’t work on mac.

I did this, to no avail. Here is the simple answer I have come to find, and please, if anyone has found anything contrary, please contradict me.

Legacy Addon Browser is my only hope, but, for some reason, does not work with mac. Garry has said nothing about fixing the buggy mac version of Gmod, and it has been months. So, right now there is no solution for circumventing the awful (IMO) steam workshop for installing models on Mac.

Again, please contradict me if you have found something other to be the case, mac users.

I would just like to post here to say that legacy addons are broken in UNIX OSes atm
This I know for a fact.

My friend was developing a clientside addon loading script that he claimed would solve the problem but the problem is that apparently those are broken for mac, too.

Well, the most I can say at this point is that I’m grateful that the mac version is now as stable as its windows counterpart, but I would still appreciate an explanation as to why “legacy” addons that worked before will no longer work on mac or linux.

Im with you buddy. It’s a real bummer.