Mac Users 10.5.8: Crashing on start. Blue screen

Whenever I start garry’s mod It Freezes on start with a blue screen and the rainbow pinwheel. In the background when looking through the other screens it says Egnine Error: Could not load Library Client. I tried Deleting my bin and the other bin folder. I tried Deleting garry’s mod completely and re-installing it a lot of times. I tried verifying steam cache files. I also tried defragging the files and also tried dxlevel -80. This has been going on ever since the update to Garry’s mod 13. If there are any updates on this problem let me know, because I’ve been messaging Facepunch support about it and they told me there is a problem with awesominium and they will be fixing it soon but this was like a few weeks ago.

Bump I need some help guys

bump… Guys I really need help. support told me it would be fixed but it hasn’t been fixed yet.