Mac wont load addons

For some inexplicable reason, even though I put my addons into the appropriate folder, my mac wont load them up, also said files are unzipped. I need help fast

Well there’s your problem!

Just kidding.

I’ve seen this problem on PCs before, but Macs aren’t exactly my strong point (I’ve only used them once or twice [I kinda hate them due to the fact that Apple stole BSDos as the base for OSX]), so I may or may not be of any help.

I’ll need to ask for a few more details before I can help.

  1. Can you tell me the file path for your addons, starting with the root of the drive?
  2. Is GMod giving you any LUA errors (the small warning messages that appear in the upper right portion of the screen)?
  3. Are there any security features built in to OSX that could be blocking access to the addons’ info.txt files?

Also, welcome to the forums!

Thanks for the welcome, To get to the files I do the standard procedure username>app support>steam>steamapps>username>garrysmod>garrysmod>addons and it seems to work fine. Also I dont experience lua coding problems when I get on. As for security software conflicts, I’m not sure about that.

Well, it looks like you have them installed in the right location, and you aren’t getting lua errors, so that leaves either security or incompatibility issues.

I doubt I’ll be able to help you at this point, but as I said before I have very little experience with macs, so don’t give up hope, I guarantee that someone here will be able to help you.

Well you did your best so thanks for the help

Are you sure they’re actually addons? If the folder of said addon doesn’t have an “info” text file, you will have to install it by copying the content of the materials, lua, models, etc folders from the addon you downloaded into your materials, models, etc folders in your garrysmod directory.