"Machine Gun Bob"


sorry Got bored felt like doing something with mah models, you can’t see, But Im in the process of re-skinning them as Devil Dogs

Hi, Bob.

Ahoy matey

I’ve been staring at the picture for a while now and realized how low-res the helmets are for both armies. Also no bullet shells to be found.

Yet you didnt notice the beard

I noticed the beard, it looked very brush like and Angry Baby probably already knew that.

Those guns were not around in WWI.

It’s world war 1 in the future.
Fictional my man.

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I dont use brushes, but thanks will work on it.

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thats exactly what I was trying to go for :v:

For some reason, i thought of that scottish guy that used a claymore sword in the second world war.

yeah I did one of him actually.

Read title as machine gun blob… I am dissapoint.

Nah but really looks great, And those models hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhng… do want

will be released in a while maybe probablly

I just want the regular gasmasked Brits/Americans and German infantry to be honest.

Also just noticed the C96 is the one from resident evil 4.

Me too. I wish we had some good gasmask models that had the lack for a better word, breathing tube that connects to there chest.


Unreleased, but hopefully they’ll finish the new version that includes it.

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I’m not sure what they look like in the current version, it’s been awhile.

I have some low poly masks like that. could try it.

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WW1 Source.

the guns must use caseless ammunition :v:

Do a Christmas truce one.
that would be pretty cool