Machine Gunner is shooting off-screen.

I don’t think the lighting from the muzzleflash fits with the actual muzzleflash, in terms of colour I mean. But that’s just my opinion.
Posing looks really nice but I don’t really see the point in all the smoke. :v:

that M240 is hot.

Mr. Offscreen doesn’t stand a chance!

Stop making generic shit.

Why is it that every time you make something new and interesting, you immediately follow it with something samey and boring? It’s almost like you feel some need to cancel out the fact you’ve done something worthwhile. :psyduck:

stop rating dumb shit without any reason

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ya, sorry i agree with u. when I have some great idea, its result is something new and interesting and I have not great idea but I wanna play garry’s mod, its result is something samey and boring.

The film grain
it rapes

I think this is quite nice, especially the muzzle flash. Only problem is the bullets on the belt look tiny! Like he’s firing .22 or something.

Nice muzzle flash.