Machine Tomb

*“The tank stopped, ceased to move. The engine just on my left grinding and emitting irritating scratching noises and vibrations that run through my inner body. Igor slams his foot at the pedal to the point of it eventually sticking down, Abram fires the co-axle machine gun. Smoke and the aroma of gun powder quickly fills the cabin of the tank, the inside of my lungs burning from the scent. My heart drops, Vsevolod speaks of the main gun jammed. He opens the top hatch and lifts himself out, I hear him yelp just outside and his cry is drowned out from the impending crackles of the machine guns in the distance, further being suppressed by me closing the hatch back. They were only a few yards out, enough for the distance of grenades to be thrown. Muffled heavy pops send a shock through my body despite the sized thick steel separating me from the outside. The fourth explosion of the charged grenade thrusted shrapnel through the side cabin, Abram instantly fell face forward into the machine gun and then sunk back into his seat with his front shirt tattered at the chest and blood pouring from his heart completely motionless as if his plug was pulled. Igor is also hit on his thigh, he curses and grunts in pain, fiddling for the revolver he carries. A fifth explosion sends another shock wave through my system, I felt it just under me. The smell of gasoline now filling my nostrils and the heat of a fire started building just under. I noticed Igor didn’t lift back up and the blood dripping from his forehead, shrapnel had killed him as well. I can’t believe I’m about to die, one drum magazine for my machine gun and a couple of stick magazines under my right thigh. The fear of god is in me knowing my demise is just around: whether I burn alive, take shrapnel in a vital part of my body, or eventually shot, this tank is now my machine tomb…”

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