Machinima Camera Stool, looking for reccomendations

Hey guys,

Essentially I’m looking for a sTool that allows the user to set up a path track for a camera using some sort of waypoint system.

Essentially, I need it to pan gently, rotate, and hopefully zoom.

I’m going to use this to make a stereoscopic (3d) anaglyph machinima.

So… anyone have any ideas if something like this already exists? Or who I would be able to ask to make it happen?

Any form of tutorial for actually using this sTool would be great too.

You can try Catmull-Rom

Yeah, I just stumbled across that, do you know of any tutorials that could help use it?

Thanks for the help, it was exactly what I was looking for.

Also, you guys know any recording software that’s good for recording in the Source engine?

Does FRAPS work well? It was a little laggy last time I used it, and Source Recorder was buggy as all hell.

startmovie to console. Can record well.

The XFire video recording feature is decent, but I find Source’s own tools much more effective:

This helps a lot with demo recording techniques and skills.

This article gives detailed instructions on how to use Source’s video recording features.

I’ve used the Source Recorder many times successfully. I used to use XFire’s video recording, but the audio always lagged badly.