Machinima Help

Creating a new machinima music video, for Ronald Jenkees: Stay Crunchy. Few things I need to accomplish this goal however.

Like most machinimas, they need to be smooth, no skipping. A good recorder could be in mind.
Problem I cannot solve would be that I cannot get a striders to move. Unless I’m on gm_construct or a regular HL2 campaign map. Camera angles and movement is critical for a good movie.

What I need
[ul][li]Recording software for the machinima
[/li][li]A way to control and move a strider
[/li][li]Camera tool for moving about and angles[/ul]
Most of what I need is to know how to make a strider move. I have searched everywhere for how to make that blasted thing move. From valve developer wiki to the Garrysmod Wiki. The npc mover does not make the strider NPC move.

Possible Answers
[ul][li]Source Recorder
[/li][li]Looked everywhere
[/li][li]Catmull-Rom Cinematic Cameras[/ul]
Source Recorder seems to be useful, but I don’t know if there could be anything else please post any other programs to use. Still cannot find a way to move striders. The Catmull-Rom Cinematic Cameras can move around and have enough inputs for my use.

Strider will not move. But I need them for an epic machinima.

You can always buy Fraps. (Or download the free trial.)

And camera tool:

Oh, and NPC movement:

Fraps has always been useless to me, I bought the full version previously. Lets just hope the new 3.0 has new features.

The Camera tool looks good too thanks.

Good NPC Movement now I have different Navigation Points, but still will not make a strider walk.

I don’t think you can make a Strider move using NPC control. Also, did you actually get the Moving Camera tool to work? I thought it didn’t work in Garry’s Mod “11”?

Striders cannot just “move” as freely as you wish as they have to be npc noded into the map to function correctly. Your best method of using them is greenscreening them in.

I’m using Catmul-Rom Cinematic Cameras, they work great.

You all fail!! With support. I got it to work my giving the strider an AR2! FAIL TO FACEPUNCH SUPPORT!