Machinima ideas and voice actors needed.

Hello, I’m planning on making a machinima series now that I have the spare time, software and the computer to record it with.

What I need is idea’s on what this machinima will be based around.
I have experience with Sony Vegas and Adobe after effects.
What i’m asking you is what would interest you within a machinima, what would you like to see and what makes it interesting.

I plan on making it a serious machinima with humour added with it, if you don’t know what I mean, refer to Red vs Blue where they have seriousness, but with added humour.

On the topic about voice acting, I need people who have serious voices along with funny or strange voices.
If you’re interested to become a voice actor, send me a PM with one of the lines below, either upload it to youtube or use an uploading website.

What i’m looking for in a voice actor is the following.
[ul]What i’ve stated above about voice.[/ul]
[ul]Make sure you have a clear, understandable voice.[/ul]
[ul]No high pitched inteferance with your microphone and no distoration.[/ul]

mr apple.

I’ll Take a Look into it

Take a look into what?

Variations on pronouncement, order of words and inflection

I might upload another set with derived sets.

I’m impressed, I’ve discussed further in steam chat.

This looks to be interesting.

I can’t submit any sound samples until Monday though :frowning:

Its all good, just add me on steam when you’re ready.

LOL @ racist characters.

They aren’t characters, if you bothered to read the OP, you’d see I wrote “If you’re interested to become a voice actor, send me a PM with one of the lines below” they are to see different tones, not to be racist.

I was just kidding, don’t get your cock in a knot

Why did you bother posting in the first place?

I hate to be pretty blunt ,but rule one about machinima/movie making (rule from Rob Zombie) “If you can’t make your own ideas or fix your own problems you shouldn’t be making movies.”

Well I do have ideas, but I want feedback on what communities would like to see, something new and hasn’t been done before.

he’s right

if there are things you want to outsource it’s fine, but not as long as you are not proficient on said things

I think in all honesty; from past mistakes, you should start smaller. Actually make a script, and go off that. Instead of having people tell you what to do. I’m guessing your efficient enough to make things happen. Let’s see it happen lad.