Machinima: Joy Of Solitude

Gabriel Nox, a 27 year old businessman gets bored with his professional life.
He goes to the theater where he finds an empty hall with piano. He finaly finds a place for solitude.

In memoriam of Paradoxal Films.

This is a remake of old video by Patrick Hunt from Broken Legs studios.
He helped me a lot with this video his channel can be found here:

Wow that is fantastic. Great work mate.

Dear god that was awesome.
I wish you could have told a bit more story, but that’s just me.

Awesome work, Portman :smiley:

wtf that guys face is so fucked up and shit like he just got ran over by a bus.

The only thing I dislike about the video is the fact that the hands are just hovering above the piano without the fingers moving, but of course that would have probably been a huge pain in the ass to do. Great job with the video. I especially like the lighting that was used on Gabriel.