Machinima legality question.

Im currently working on a space machinima which i hope will become a series and im thinking of basing it on star trek, so i would use the star trek player models, ships and stuff from and maybe 1 or 2 sounds from the show.

My question is would this be legal if i were to make this then post it on youtube, like the owners wouldnt sue me or anything?

As long as you don’t sell your movie, they won’t care

Well what about if i became a youtube partner, which i believe would mean i would get some money from it. Also if i used no sounds or clips from the show would that be fine, since everything would be created for gmod?

I think YouTube would check accounts they partner, so they probably won’t seeing as you used content that isn’t yours. Email them if they do to avoid shitstorm


Just to be safe don’t even attempt to become a Partner

I thought all the partnering thing did was show ads next to videos and let you reap some of the profit from that

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the actual videos would remain free of charge

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oh it’s a bump

You do, but they’re looking for people who have never had to have any copyrighted material removed, any other violations, etc.

Basically, the only ones who get partnership are those who don’t break the rules and have decent content.

Tell me now, what made you think that it was alright to go back a thousand pages and find a random thread and post a meaningless replay to a question that had already been answered? Hmm?

Get out.

It is all legal as long as you give credit to the authors of any material shown in your movie. Just be careful with music as some companies bitch about it and may remove the audio tack from the video.

This page Garry updated should answer your question.

Enjoy bro.

Thank you for information sharing, it useful to me.