Machinima mini-series?

I’ve been fleshing out a concept for a Gmod Machinima in the general vein of War of the Servers (less a story told in Gmod than a story about Gmod), that would most likely be conveyed in the form of a miniseries. It’s on the backburner right now, since I’ve been busy recently.

Meant to be told in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek fashion, with the dramatic irony being that all this drama is going on in Garry’s Mod, the story is as follows-

However, there remain a host of things with which I’d be needing help. I’d ask around for anyone interested, but I realized from an old idea for a mod I most foolishly suggested; if I’m going to host a potluck, I’d damn sure better bring something more than a bag of Doritos.

That being said, what follows is a list of things I’ll be able to cover on my own, things I might be capable of doing, and things that (at least for now) I’ll be most likely unable to cover-

Things I can do:
In-game contraptions and whatnot
Some voice acting
In-game puppetry

Things I might be able to do/ things for which I might need assistance:
Faceposing (I’ll prolly figure it out completely given enough time)
Skinning (I can make the skins themselves, but applying them and whatnot is another story)

Things I most likely cannot do myself:
Recording (Gmod suffers under recording software for me, and I have no means of recording sans watermark)
Editing (No editing software; could torrent, but I’ve no experience in using any editing tools)
Marketing (Who the hell’s going to pay attention to me?)
Music and sound (Same with editing; plus, I’m not a musician)

*In addition, some people to help with fleshing out the story would be nice; I don’t want this to be completely arbitrary

I’m not sure if I’m bringing enough to the table, here- I’m sure that, with time, I might be more qualified to cover that ground, and since I’m in college and I’ve been busy, I’ll likely be forced to wait quite some time before I can hope to get started on this.

What I’m saying is this- were I to give this hypothetical Machinima a go, who would be willing to participate?

Faceposing: Does a good job automatically
Skinning: Editing textures and replacing them is easy
Recording: Use Source Recorder
Editing: I have Sony Vegas 9
Marketing: Hello youtube
Music & Sound: There may be difficulties

I make gmod movies for a living…just kidding but I do make gmod movies-come check em out here

I’d be an extra. Maybe be a character for other participators to voice.

Another thing I forgot to mention- my computer is a relatively lackluster machine. Of course, it may see upgrades in the near future, but until then, any footage from me will be relatively shitty.

I have a good deal of epic music in the form of MP3’s, should you need any.

I’d rather not violate any copyrights, but I could look for something public domain.

Use Newgrounds Audio Portal, then.

i can be the voice acting

I loved War of the servers, its the best Machinima film out there and litfuse films were great :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind helping out for the acting.

I have the following:
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dreamweaver

So I can do the following:
Edit Videos; special effect, ect.
Make Ad, create graphic art, ect.
Make a fully functional, and stylish website

That would be effing awesome if we could get all that, assuming you were willing. But again, this is a backburner project and half-hypothetical, so don’t prepare for anything too soon.

I’m willing to. We should do this though, I like the story and all. Maybe some minor tweaks would be good though, nothing too major.

By the way, I can upload a sample of my after effects video I just made last night. (Boredom is somewhat profitable.)

Well, it’s just a rough draft, so naturally there’d be no shortage of revisions (a couple more writers on board would be nice, on that note, since I want to balance the ticket). I’m just beginning to flesh out the script, but alas, college tends to whittle quite thoroughly away at my free time, which means I’ll either have to wait for a substantial break to get started on it, or I can put it together on my end piece by piece with whatever scraps of time I can salvage. That, or if I end up taking a class around the lines of film production, I could use that as an “excuse”.

And the thing is, I don’t want to be some kind of slave-driver Idea-Guy who’s all like “hey guys make my machinima for me kthxbai”. I figure anyone who thinks something up that’s worth his own salt should put no shortage of muscle into his own idea.

Completely understandable. To be honest, I just wanna do whatever I can for people with the programs I own. I can write scripts by the way.(one of my “inherited” traits from my dad; the screenplay write lol)

It’d be good to have extra input, yeah.

Also, I too have Photoshop, so I could made advertisements and whatnot, but the thing is (ironically, since I’ve been going to art school) I lack any decent graphic design skills (I’m studying illustration).

Haha I intend on going to Art School when I graduate. I think I’m really talented, I’m creating a myspace layout and website for a local band so I’m stoked.


By the way here is that sample intro I said I’d upload

Certainly the style I’d be looking for- any way to make the text a bit more dynamic, possibly animated?

I can do voice acting.
We couldn’t meet online though, my computer isn’t fast enough to play online.