Machinima Models...

Planning a machinima, I think I’ve got a pretty good story down. It’s going to be non-linear but all tie together in the episodes, and it’ll follow a few different characters who’s roles will all come together and tie into one another’s.

I know that most people who know how to do this kind of thing are regularly uber-busy, (I’ve got a guy who wants to help me with my machinima but can’t do so to his fullest extent since he’s working on an upcoming TV show) but if anybody would be interested in lending help, please tell me and I can brief you on the story and everything.

I don’t have money, so I was hoping some people would just find the story interesting enough to volunteer their help hack together a few simple playermodels, but I know this is probably unlikely.

So, is there anybody here with these skills who is willing to, with a little bit of their free-time, either

a.)Volunteer their services to do some relatively easy skin works


b.) Work for some pay, will be confirmed when I get some currency into my wallet (Then into yours)

I really really want to do this project. I know this whole request sounds stupid but I’ve wanted to adapt my stories into a visual work for so long.

If anyone is interested, please tell me and I can see if the story and style of the machinima is to your liking, and see if it’s maybe something you’d like to contribute to.

Thank you for your time, here is a picture of a duck for your troubles.

-Space Man