Machinima Team Creation?

Hey guys, I have been thinking lately, and it would be awesome if we made a Machinima team. How about it? my steam is ds_sykes

P.S: I understand this isn’t the best way to start, but its a good Idea to know who’s up for it.

You do realize that only like 5% of machinimas made in GMod are actually worth watching?

And did you realize no one goes out to make a machinama team? Most people just get it done with their steam friends.

You don’t need to be in a team to make machinima

Actually it’s better if you’re not in a team at all and just outsource things every now and then (like lipsyncing or music)

concrete example


i made this alone, only the lipsyncing was done by another guy (i know how to do that but i just didn’t have the time) and the music by yet another guy

I think I paid them about $20 each

but yeah

if you want more proof go look at this ( ), it’s a 25-minute long machinima I made ENTIRELY alone (with the exception of voice actors. faceposing etc is all by me)

how long did that take you because it’s brilliant

boring , but well made

three months

@Cmasta: Lets bring that percentage up
@oogala: Sure, but this way, we create new friends (like anyone cares), and also could be more productive.

If we get a team, we can Do that in maybe less time, and perhaps free of cost. Anyways, it would be a fun thing.

Merely a suggestion.

Hey, anyone good at:

Creating Buildings

And what will you be doing in this team Ayron?

i’m the idea guy i’m gonna tell everyone what to do :downs:

I was asking Ayron, and…idea guy?

Thats like saying i’ll come up with an idea, no work involved, you do it for me :sun:


If you have no experience of anything else such as hammer, XSI, Photoshop, hell even any form of web code like HTML or Css or even lua then you shouldn’t actually want to make a team. I’m sorry but on the short demand you have then you’ll fail, horribly.

I think its even needless to ask for some past works of ** anything **.

I was always good as a camera man. I will dedicate my time as that. What I plan to create is an FPV (First Person View, as in from a character, but I guess we can do some security views as well) Campaign Machinima about a Black Mesa Spec Ops team that Liberates City 8, and some other places from Combine Control.

Alright heres some basic questions.

What will you use as characters?, npcs, ragdolls or players.

And what video editor would you use.

i need help, i need a couple of ragdolls made from art work done by my sister. i’ll make sure that the art work will be as clear as posible. if any one is intrested please e-mail at

I woullove to be a part of it