Machinima Tools and Tips.

What are some good machinima tools in gmod to use, and what are some tips that you could offer please.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Also what can i use to record, i am currently using wegame but it wont record the audio.

Please help.

Recording I use Fraps, or you can use the built in recorder I think, Valve Recorder or something, and if you ever need good angles use the camera tool then hit the number on your num pad so it has a good view.

doesnt fraps have a watermark? and limited time to record.

It’s Source recorder.
Either that or the fullversion of fraps.


Not the fullversion.

Full version is only about £30 I think. It can be downloaded free but I won’t go into that :stuck_out_tongue:

so around 50AUD woah, hmmm any others, i cant really afford that on my shitty wage.
any others?

No. Either use Fraps or get a tutorial on how to use the Source Recorder. It’s better than Fraps in the way it records it’s videos. In other words it won’t record lag, because each frame is rendered individually before it is written to disk.

For great camera angles you always download Catmull-Rom Cameras from the website. (Type that into the search bar on the website)