Machinima tools

I guess that since I now have a whole bunch of ideas and a new PC capable of doing fancy shit, there is no more excuses for me to keep postponing my machinima mini series idea. And since I want to put at least a bit of effort into it, I’m gonna need some tools.

So what are the must-haves? I’m talking camerawork, animating shit and anything else that may be useful. I seriously have no idea what people use. Any suggestions welcome.

And if anyone’s interested, here’s a vague trailer/teaser-like shit that I cobbled up a couple months ago.

Catmull rom cinematic cameras

Henry’s animation tool

Ragdoll mover

Advanced particle tool

Just a few off of the top of my head

Alright, thanks. Seems like this stuff should be all I need (and more) but if anyone knows anything else that might come in handy then go ahead.

Those cinematic cameras can be a pain, but if you work with them and be patient, and figure everything out, It’s a great tool.

Speaking from personal use