Machinima update

I recently advertised for staff to help me put together a machinima based on the opening scene from Michael Radford’s film ‘1984’. I have since discovered that with the GMod YouTube player (made bigger with Prop Resizer)and a map called gm_theater, that I no longer need a mapper. However, since the YouTube player (both versions) are unreliable for me (GMod freezes when I try to load a video), until a reliable version is released this project is on hold.

However, I have an idea for another machinima and require one voice actor (must be a voice that wouldn’t be out of place in an office).

Record the dialogue below, and post a reply (with a link to the recording) to this thread:

"I’m am here on behalf of Management to talk to you about the new Special High Intensity Training, or ‘S-Hit’.

In order to ensure the highest levels of quality of work from our employees, it will be our policy to keep employees well trained through our program of S-Hit.

We aim to give employees more S-Hit than any other company."

I plan to film this machinima beside the projector display in cs_office with the word ‘S-Hit’ appearing on the projection

There are 4 more paragraphs (of varying lengths) to read out, and if I choose you to voice act for this machinima you will be given the rest of the dialogue. You will be paid $25 when I declare my satisfaction.

I sent it to you through PM.