Machinima Walk and Run

My request is that someone makes a Lua Addon similar to

You have something that you want, right there.

Swep that makes you run quickly?

I need someone too make a machinima walkining SWEP in lua, just like in that link, but that is up-to-date with GMOD, as the newest update messed up the Bummiewalk and bummiespeed. thing is… the original creator of this swep isnt active anymore. and this update added new movements for 3rd person view, thus messing up these sweps. The walking swep uses npc walk animations, but after update the player model now only holds a invisible gun instead of having its arms down. I will ty to make a video too show better whats the issue. but im on a vacation atm. so i will be back in a week from now.

Gmods new animation system.

Yeah, that’s the one. (Sry for making it a long description. ^^’)
The SWEP I talked about isn’t working with the new animation system.