Machinima [WIP] Help Needed!!!

So far this is what I got. [18.3mb video]
It’s gonna be a fist person project, well most of it at least. I planned on it being about assassinating the president of the U.S. and then spending the rest of the video escaping. The thing is, I started having trouble thinking of a scene I can build where the president
would even get shot in. Something realistic and creative. Right now my creative juices aren’t flowing so if anyone has any ideas, they are greatly appreciated. If there’s anything else you guys can do to help out, I will be greatly appreciated and more than happy to
credit you when/if the video is on youtube.

P.S. If you feel it will help out you can suggest a change in the direction of the video to whatever would be desirable.

This was really amazing, bro! I wasn’t expecting it to be that good.

Not what I was expecting at all. I was expecting another “I’m the idea guy, do work for me” thread.

As far as set up goes, you might be able to get away with using gm_bigcity, but with the tone you established in the video you showed us, that may not work.

As far as set up, theres plenty of things you could do.

-A press conference gone awry
-An award ceremony
-A presidential dinner
-A diplomatic meeting
-Intercepting his limo

Plenty of opportunities to kill the president.

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For the FBI agents monitoring this thread, this is for the movie. None of the previous statement was meant to be taken into account in any real life situation.

Wow thanks, man! Yeah, I felt like I chose a lucky theme so I really want to excel in it.

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Thanks a ton. I really appreciate you helping out and I’m definitely gonna take your ideas into consideration. I’m probably gonna try out the press conference one first and see if that works out. Maybe use the map, “Five” remade into Gmod and take away all the zombies. Once again, I can’t thank you enough.

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Oh and I’m sorry about the intro having that extra 3 or so minutes on it. I forgot to delete the sound file of the man addressing the nations crisis.

It was good, but there was a lot of camera bob.

Thanks. I did use the camera bob a lot on purpose. It makes it feel more suspenseful to me.

Wow nicely done Jeff, I wasn’t expecting to see that at all. If your having trouble with ideas an suggest could be looking at actual assassinations that have taken place in the real world or look at other movies and get ideas and inspiration from that.

Thanks, n3o. I have actually made a setup for a presidential award ceremony, thanks to TheGoodDoctorF. The thing is, when I filmed it, it looked kind of shitty so I’m gonna rebuild it and probably work with that. Once again, thanks all of you guys for the feedback.