Machinima has grown at a fast strong pace since RvB in 2003 to War of the Servers in 2007, and is still doing so.

But what is machinima? Does machinima have to be made like Shelf life or war of the servers or can it be made like the series Gmod idiot Box made by DaBooShit. Were it is constantly having random scenes or does it have to stay on a story line and on topic. Because in my view I count Gmod idiot box and Shelf life as both machinima just in different formats.

""Machinima is film making within a real-time, 3D virtual environment, often using 3D video-game technologies.

In an expanded definition, it is the convergence of film making, animation and game development. Machinima is real-world film making techniques applied within an interactive virtual space where characters and events can be either controlled by humans, scripts or artificial intelligence.

By combining the techniques of film making, animation production and the technology of real-time 3D game engines, Machinima makes for a very cost- and time-efficient way to produce films, with a large amount of creative control.""

Both are the same wouldn’t you say?

Shelf life:
Gmod Idiot Box:
War of the servers:

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Machinima is a massive ass-hog of all the videos that are popular, not necessarily funny. Everything that bullshit and whoever else makes ARE machinimae, but they aren’t under the banner of that video (i don’t want to say company) mogul.

If u wana watch some good machinima watch machinima respawn thats all game videos and gliches mods and anything good none of that dube crap.

Nah Machinima Respawn just talks about Tips for games i.e. Mw2. This thread here focus on Machinima not just Machinima.


I’ve kinda lost you here. So what your trying to say is that gets all the popular machinima videos out there and places them on there channel?

And any other machinima out there that is not on is not called Machinima but machinime?

Wow there is no criticism bad enough for this post.

Give me a shot.


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Also this: Does machinima have to follow a guild line were there must be meaning and a story line behind it, before it’s counted as machinima?

Why can’t I say its machinima even tho its using a pre-existing game engine?

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Machinmas a good way to learn how to edit.

Machinima by definition is anything filmed within a video game. This isn’t a complicated science or anything, if it’s filmed inside a game, it’s machinima.

Totally agree.


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Make a machinima, show it to some friends but not someone who will tell you it’s good so they don’t hurt your feelings. Don’t make a thread in the news section to announce your new machinima. Get some reviews of it, find out what’s bad and what’s good, what needs changing and what needs removing. Do this over and over until you don’t get many bad reviews and then upload it to Youtube and see the comments.

I was thinking about this YESTERDAY, i was thinking about making a machinima. I thought GMOD! There so much stuff you can do! Anyways is anyway interested? Pm mE!


LMAO, the idiot box made me Lul