Macho Server - US community centric super fun time happy now

The Macho server is a new US server hosted by and for folks that want a decent community playing Rust. We intend to keep true only to as many rules as required to keep things entertaining and enjoyable for everyone while respecting the chaotic nature of a survival game. We’re not looking for donations, not looking to add to a clan (there isn’t one), just looking for decent people to get killed by.

We use restricted crafting and loot lists to make powerful weapons, armor, and ammo something worth fighting over. We allow a baseline of certain weapons to ensure everyone can put up a fight. You may be better protected by Kevlar and an M4, but you’ll also be a walking target to less fortunate people.

The server is new and we want to build a nice community. We will respond to feedback to try to make the server as enjoyable as possible.

-Microphones are encouraged, if you get shot in the face while typing a message - well, its on you.
-Maturity is required. We don’t tie this to age. Raging and causing drama will get you removed for a length of time or permanently depending on the issue.
-Griefing, hacking, cheating, duping, or any form of exploitation will get you banned, as is expected.
-General common sense applies.

Server settings:
200 Slot server
50/10m Day/Night cycle
Instant crafting
PVP enabled
No sleepers
10 player airdrop start

-Kevlar, C4, M4, MP5, Shotguns, and P250 are exclusive to airdrops.
-F1 Grenades, 9mm, and Hunting Rifles remain craftable.
-Door Sharing is now a built in feature.
-One main admin with three others capable of dealing out kicks/bans if needed.

Mods: (Will change depending on feedback and what is developed)
We use Oxmin to maintain the server. It allows admins to admin without needing full access to spawn items or teleport etc.
We use AdminHelp to track down issues and reports of hacking/cheating, privately.
We have groups mod enabled. Group with your friends to disable PVP damage and have private chat.
Base Alarm - Know when your hideout is under attack so you can respond.
Death Handler - Claim your kills with server messages. Also useful for detecting cheaters.
Kits - A bit of food for a new player, hatchets when you die.
FixYourName - No more invisible or skewed names.
PlayerLocation - Use RustNuts map and coordinates to help you find your way.
Remover - Admin only tool to help remove hack towers or grief structures.
Stats - Track your K/D and see who the top dog is, just because.

Feel free to join us at net.connect via the Rust console.