Macintosh Support

This is needed. The source games should be updated soon for support and I, a owner of both a PC and a Mac, would love to be able to play it on Mac. I hope Garry updates.

He said in his blog a while back he was going to do his best to make GMod for the Mac.

Though if you already have a PC why do you want to play it on Mac? v:v:v

My Mac has 4x the RAM and better all the better specs, etc. So playing on this would be superior.

Mac sucks!!!11 no jk.
Erm I agree, shouldn’t you be playing gmod on the pc?

Some people have a desktop PC and a Macbook. :wink:

Rip all that crap out and put it in the PC.

I can see a problem with weapon ironsights.

Thats getting old.

Continuing the discussion of Mac Haters I only hate the Mac Fanbois
The regular non-dumbass user isn’t a annoying fuck so I am ok with it.

On Topic: I hope the support goes swell… if it dosen’t alot of people gonna get pissed off

I agree, the Mac, is a moderately good Windows alternative, nothing really special about it, the fanatical following it has who believe it can do no wrong? THAT is what makes macs annoying. For example ever since the iPad was announced ot have no Flash? every apple fan I know of suddenly dislikes flash and says about how it is useless.

That joke is getting pretty old. Anyone who is serious about gaming on a mac would probably not use a apple mouse, because honestly they suck. I use a logitech bluetooth and it works great.

Fixed. Macs are for web design.


Rated agree.

Sounds like you havent used a mac before but whatever.

Are you saying that you would hate it if more people were able to play this game?

It means the size of my banlist has to increase at a higher rate than normal.

I didn’t realize people were hating on other OS systems…for no good reason. Pride is what separates peoples. I just want to be able to play this on my mac…
I don’t care if Windows is “superior”. I don’t care if OS X is better. The fanboy wars are annoying.

It sounds like it will according to some of the Garrys Mod blogposts.

Same here, I do not have a Mac, but they are descent machines, with a good UI, just fed up of how some people get like they are the be all and end all, though some Windows people can get the same.

Yea, unfortunately there are people like that. Mac users who hate pcs for no reason and vice versa. Personally, I like windows but I like OS X better, for many different reasons. Dosent mean I hate Windows or people that use it. Used Windows for years and still know my way around it.

Garrys Mod coming to mac means more players. That may also mean that there will be more people not knowing what they are doing, but theres plenty of people with Windows like that as well.

If Garrys Mod is comming to the Mac, isn’t that just positive? It would not affect any gameplay at all.
More players = More fun (Hopefully)
And since i’m having a mac, i’m looking forward to this :smiley:

does anyone know when its going to be released? surely it wouldn’t be too hard seeing as a (buggy) half life 2 is already released and they use the same engine.