Mad Bobbys rp server


The rules of this forum are that only leaders of the roleplay group can post the threads about them
Did you read the sticky?

You could have at least spelled properly
Before you say

You got superadmin because the server owners are desperate for money recently
Leave the thread posting to the real superadmins of the server, or better yet, leave it to Bobby or Bennehhh.

I am superadmin on there for proper reasons! you are a kid who has mummies credit card.

Let me guess? DarkRP? I will only join if there is a ninja that lets me go invisible.


read one of my other posts on this server:
POST #30

It had better have changed

Man this has to be his oldest, most unused alt.

I’m another superadmin on that server, I got it for proper reasons (not donating) so I am going to make a smarter Thread about us.

I tell you all the time mat, you need to learn how to spell.

EDIT: New Idea
I won’t bother, it will get raged at.

rob, please stfu and u know i type fast so dont bother raging at my spelling. and u only got super admin because u got it when ben was giving it out to many and so was bobby. People actualy like me as an admin so STFU

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Benji))

Typing fast isn’t a good excuse

I got superadmin for helping the server

Who likes you on there anyway? I don’t, none of the good admins on there do.

Umm. Rob is right, I didn’t understand a thing you said there. Speak clearly, and use real words, and punctuation, Not just

rob, please just stfu and u know

Typing fast is NOT an excuse, as rob said. I type fast, but type using fluent English as well.