MaD Build and Combat|Wire|PHX

MaD is a multi server community providing you Garry’s Mod and Team Fortress 2 Gaming Servers for your enjoyment

Why MaD? MaD is unique and has many excellent builders. Our co-owner is a wire expert and can build anything you want him to.

What addons do you have? The necessary ones. We are not some useless server group thats puts on every addon we see onto our servers. These addons include: PHX, Wiremod, Wiremod Extras, All the building Stools, Even more helpful Stools.

What is MaD Servers powered by? MaD Combat Build is currently powered by Xenon Servers at Xenon is an excellent host provider and we hope you buy a server from them too.

Does MaD have a website or forum? Yes, we have both of course. will provide you with everything you need to join the community. Join the community/forum today!

How do I connect to MaD Combat Build? Simply use this IP Address:


Thanks for taking your time to look over this post and we hope to see you there!

Reply anyone??


What? All I see is a scoreboard from

Good server you have there

Its showing how many people were on at the moment. 12 people.

Look at the title of this post and look at the score board title.