MaD Combat Build|PHX|Wire|24/7|Fast DL

MaD Combat Build|PHX|Wire|24/7|Fast DL

I have decided to open a combat build server to go along with our roleplay server. I hope it is a success like the
roleplay server, so I am putting forth a lot of effort into this project.

First, I will explain what the server is being run from.

Server Specs:

Intel Xenon 6 core processor
(Powered by Xenon Servers)
4GB Ram

Next, I will explain the addons we have on the server.

All the stools. (Door, smartsnap, keypad, etc.)
Cstrike Content
Vote kick, ban, cleanup-LFD Style. You can type “votekick playername” into into chat to start a vote to kick a player.

The next thing I should mention is the maps. We have all of the good build maps and we have many other maps we use to play on.

Some popular maps we have:

Freespace Revolution
GM Excess Construct
Wire Construct

Admin is for sale for $5/month. We run 24/7 and if we are down for fixes, we will add another day to your admin upon your request. Admins do not have access to recon, but are allowed to kick, ban (must input a good reason), freeze, blind, ragdoll, teleport, vote, and cloak players.

Finally, to come join us and have some fun the IP address is:

We hope to see you there!

Please note: ULX Motd was recently reset and will not be edited at the moment. We will have it fixed

Just as a correction, it is RCON. I dont think any admins have access to Halo Recon Armor in Garry’s Mod.

This server is now an RP server.

RCON - Remote CONsole.

Purchase Superadmin for $15?

Another server i shall be avoiding.