Mad Cow gun smoke

I have been having problems with mad cow gun smoke kicking everyone from my server. Below is the error that kicks everyone…

[ERROR] addons/mad cows weapons/lua/effects/effect_mad_gunsmoke/init.lua:15: Tried to use a NULL entity!

  1. GetOwner - [C]:-1
  2. unknown - addons/mad cows weapons/lua/effects/effect_mad_gunsmoke/init.lua:15

If anyone can help me disable the gun smoke that would be awesome. I know a little about coding but once I saw this I had no idea what to do.


delete line 15. It’s what I did.

I dont even know what the line 15 means, I read it and it had nothing to do with the smoke.

Well obviously it does if it’s in the effect_mad_gunsmoke file. It tries to use an entity that’s just not there. Deleting line 15 of init.lua clears this problem.

I deleted it, I think it might have worked! Thanks.