Mad Cow Swep issue. HALP

I added all 3 MadCow Swep packs to my addons folder. Mad Cows DoD Weapons, Mad Cows FoF Weapons, and Mad Cows Weapons are the 3 folders that appear in my addon folder. Now, When I try to use ANY Mad Cow sweps in the game, they dont work AT ALL. For example: I spawn a madcow FoF rifle, when I fire it makes a click sound and then my ammo runs out (a code error also appears at the side of the screen). With the submachine guns it empties the mag within 2 seconds and another code error appears. This occurs with all of the Mad Cow sweps…help?

I heard there’s errors with the MadCow weapons from one of the updates.
It uses a custom base so Gmod updates are prone to breaking it, this may be the case now

sweet -__-