Mad Cow Weapons / DarkRP Ammo

When I press F4 and go to my darkRP menu, click weapons/entities, and try to buy ammo, It won’t let me.
I know it’s because I’m using Mad Cow Weapons but is there a fix for this or anything?


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Go into mad cow’s weapons and change the ammo to smg1 for rifles and pistol for pistols and smgs.

Could you please explain a little more indepth?

Stupid reply. There are too many weapons to change them all.

I’ll give you a code to add new ammo types tomorrow, I’m in bed now so I’ll hunt around and get back to you on steam tomorrow.

You can add a new function or entity? I’m not sure I haven’t looked at DarkRP much but if you go into a weapons shared.lua file it’ll tell you what ammo it uses then when you make a function for the weapons you can do something like uh
function buyagunfag(ply)
if ply.Money => 500 then
ply.Money = ply.Money - 500
ply:PrintMessage(HUD_PRINTTALK, “Sorry, you need 500$ for this!”)
I’m not gonna go into detail but look for something that involves that if I couldn’t help then sorry :\

That is really not very useful.
Stop taking a stab in the dark people and hoping to hit.

This is a really simple thing to do if you just think about it logically.

As I said I’ll talk on steam tomorrow and do this for you.

Thanks buddy :slight_smile:

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Why are you not posting the code publicly?

Look in main.lua
Around Line: 1165

I will do it for you tomorrow but if you take a look you should be able to work it out.

Thanks I figured it out. For those who want to know how, go to main.lua (Gamemode --> darkrp --> gamemode --> main.lua) then go to line 1165 and you’ll see the 3 types of ammo. All you have to do is add new lines for all the custom Mad Cow ammo.

is there a way you can post the edited part of the code?