Mad Cows Ammo Shipments Help?

Well hi there.

Being as dumb as i am i couldn’t code .lua for my life! xD
I was just asking if someone could make some madcows ammo shipments for me to use on my dark rp server? I managed to do the weapons but well, yeah i couldn’t do the ammo shipments.

please help, i would really appreciate it! :smiley:

May or may not work

Thanks for the reply and all but i don’t need the shipments of the guns, i just need the shipments of ammo. (so like a crate containing 10 boxes of 5.56mm ammo)

You could do it 2 ways then.

  1. You could figure out what the ammo is named and add that to the menu
  2. You could edit all of Mad Cows sweps so that they use the default pistol smg and shotgun ammo

You could also use a standard DARKRP command.

/buyammo rifle will buy ammo for your rifles, pistols for pistols and so on.

No you don’t understand zacca, mad cows weapons use all kinds of ammo unlike standard css guns! (like 5.56, 7.62, .45, etc…) yeah its because ive been on servers where they just made shipments containing the ammo. I guess ill just have to edit all of the mad cows weapons like game zombie suggests…

(still if anyone else has any ideas or anything please help me :D)