Mad Cow's SWEPs Holster/Unholster Issue

This is an old issue that I have been able to fix in previous weapons packs. The issue was having the SWEP.HoldType() function inside of an if.SERVER statement would cause the weapon to be held as a pistol. Removing this if.SERVER statement fixed the issue and allowed weapons to be held as they should.

Mad Cow SWEPs give a different approach to the hold type of SWEPs considering the ability to holster and unholster the weapon (If you’ve used Mad Cow SWEPs, you’ll know what i mean). The issue I am experiencing is when removing the if.SERVER statement from the base files of the SWEP pack, the world animation of the unholstered weapon is not displayed. However, the view anim works fine. I have tried leaving in some if.SERVER statement and removing others with no success. I hope I have described this well enough for people to understand.

If you can think of any fix for this, or know of one already, please reply. That would be greatly appreciated by the users of the RP server I work on.


Bump. No one replied and it was on the second page. Surely someone has to know at least something I can try…