Mad Cows Weapons Base

Mad Cows Weapons 1.0 BETA

Here is the release of one of my REAL project:
I present to you: Madcows Weapons Base

This is a base that as a lot of utility for DM and Roleplays.
Here is a quick list of features:

***** Custom Iron Sight sound (Fortunately)
***** Customizable Crosshair (with a control panel in the options tab of the QMenu)
***** The crosshair is not a fixed dot in the center of your screen; it aims direcly where you wish to shoot. (Useful for thirdperson view & camera views)
***** Bullets rebound on metal.
***** Bullets can go throught certain walls.
***** There is differents types of ammunition depending on the weapon’s calibre (9mm, 7.62mm, .50, .45, etc.).
***** Custom effects for guns/grenades that doesn’t produce lag.
***** Admin Menu in the QMenu to adjust damage, recoil (etc.) of general weapons and to entirely customize the admin gun.
***** Weapons holsters when you run.
***** Custom scopes and reddot.
***** Custom weapons like the RPG, Grenage Launcher, Flare Gun, and many more.
***** RPGs missiles consume all their gaz after a while so they don’t fly indefinetely.
***** Some different fire modes available on some weapons like the Glock, Famas & Alyxgun.
***** Custom Icons.
***** Support for NPCs
***** More, more, more… can’t tell you everything.

In Solo mode, I didn’t see any bugs.
But in multiplayer I’ve seen some.

Post about any bugs you find here.



If its a release, where is the link?
Anyway, looks really nice, good to finally see a new (interesting) SWep base.

Oh god. I’m so stupid. Let me 2 seconds to edit this post.

Edit: Done.

Nice Base there, this can be very useful.

Oh Hell yea!

Throw a smoke grenade into the water. Bubbles.
(Ya I know, smoke is lagging for some of you)

Looks extremely handy! Have a tool!

^ = cute

So this first release does not have everything in the video? I was all worked up.
I know it’s a weapon base, but could you include everything you have in the video in the download?

Never mind , they are all there. Awesome job!

Damn, this is great. I love it. But I can’t see iron sights. This was happening before I downloaded this, but I really want it to work with these weapons, cause aiming is a bit difficult without the ironsights.
Here’s the problem:
I’ll right click for ironsights, and it’ll zoom in a tiny bit, miniscule amount, but the weapon will stay on my right. If I press jump, all of a sudden, only while I’m in midair, the ironsights pop up in in their right place, and then disappear when I land, going back to the non ironsightless position. When I right click the crosshairs even go away, like it should be going to the iron sight.
Any insight on what could be wrong?

I don’t have enought time to make another video. Just download and test them. It’s only 1 500 ko.

Did you download custom models?
Or did you have like 100 addons in your addons folder? One of them could conflict with the ironsight script. You should clean up the addons you’re not using.

Awesome work, Now I can have some better weapons for my NPCs as well :smiley:

Also loving the underwater grenade effects, got my download.

Question storm:

Can you disable the crosshairs? If not, could you make a setting for admins to turn it off? Leaving it on grenades would be cool to see your cooking progress, or you could make a “click” sound for each second you’ve cooked it.

Also, do you think you could make it so when not using ironsights, it’s free-aim? Would be nice because it would make hipfiring a bit harder, but still functional - a desirable, fun game mechanic that promotes realism.

Is holstering weapons done by holding shift? If so, that’s a brilliant system - bravo!

Is the headbob part of your weapons pack? If not, where can I find that?

Yeah, I was curious about the head bob as well.

The bubbless should be darker.

In the client side menu, but only for you and not for everybody on the server.
Good point, I’ll try to add a command to disable the crosshair for everybody in the next version.

Awesome idea.

I tried, but it was not perfect. Maybee in the next version, I’ll see.

Yes. In the next version, if you want to holst your weapon without running or holding shift, you’ll be abble to press E + Left click to deploy/holst your weapon.
I was too lazy to code it in the beta version :v:

What does headbob mean? English is not my first language.

what was that scientist head thing in the video?

Huh? Am I supposed to understand?

One of the SWEP icons is what looks like kliners head, he’s asking what weapon that is.

I believe that’s the admin gun, most probably.

Well, at the part of the video (forgive me, I’m too lazy to find it) where you were showcasing the K98 sniper, when you sprinted the player’s view bounced up and down.

I would like this too, unless it’s already implemented.

Oh yeah it’s the admin gun.
I love to create some original admin guns! :smiley: