Mad Cows Weapons, No lua errors, corrupt cache?

I’ve removed all my addons and placed them in one-by-one, Mad Cows Weapons when running will cause a corrupt cache, I only updated my server this morning because others have posted about the sending client information glitch where it won’t continue loading, however now it seems one of my addons has become “corrupt.”

Downloaded datapack file was corrupt!

Googling this error returns no results, can’t find anything on facepunch. There are no lua errors, mad cows weapons were running just fine before the “TF2 Halloween update” last night, and even last night mad cows was working, only when I updated my server did it break.


Edit: I just updated my development server which is a mirror of the one with the mad cow issue, same addons, gamemode, etc and mad cows loads fine there. I’m going to do a full reinstall of the server and just move data over until something breaks that gives me information, if I find a solution I’ll post for future notice.

I’m not sure how I fixed this, hours of moving around addons/changing random settings, modifying files, something fixed it.