Mad Cows Weapons Spawnable in dark rp

Hi i am having problems whis mad cows weapon Pack player can spawn them

if some 1 can fix this for me i and make Shipment for the Madcow weapons i will give them admin



Get assmod then restrict them the guns to admin plus.

put will player Still be eble to use them


as Shipments

Uh, yes.


i can imagine hobbo’s running around with double barrel shotguns ;D

ya xD

Can any 1 make me a Shipment Script


I did the admin gun thing people cant spawn them but you cant Pick them up

DarkRP on its own prevents players from spawning SWEPs. Make sure rp_adminsweps is enabled, and SWEP spawning should be restricted to admins only. As for players not being able to pick up weapons, double check your weapon license settings.

You seem familiar… O_+


Ok Nothing is Working If i restrict Weapons No 1 can pick them up
But If i use
rp_adminsweps Does Nothing





come on some 1 must now

Don’t double post, secondly - we hate DarkRP as it is. If your going to beg for help, make it possible to read.

I didn’t know we hated DarkRP, weird, thank’s God.

Please, don’t feel that you can speak for everyone. If you cannot post a decent, helpful reply, just keep it to yourself. We don’t need gamemode elitism here, everyone has different preferences, and I hope that you will understand that.

Now, please explain further what you want to do. Have you added the weapons as shipments to DarkRP? Are you trying to spawn them from the F4 menu? Do you have rp_license set to “0”? Did you try to use your use key to pick it up?

Its because you have gun licenses on get assmod restrict them to admin and turn off gun licenses.