Mad Cows ?

Does anybody know were i can find Mad Cows sweps for gmod 13 :slight_smile: ?

I would also like to know.

It has not been completed yet as far as I know.

I have it right now on my server but I edited most; if not, all of the ammo types for it. I set most guns to use “smg1” (HL2 SMG) ammo, “buckshot” ammo (HL2 shotgun) and “pistol” ammo (HL2 pistol).

It works like it always did and I only set it to that for my DarkRp server so I wouldn’t have to add a bunch of ammo shipments.

I have all the files from Madcows Team
but there are many errors in the code since Gmod13
I am on the point of completing the corrections


Can someone please post the finished product once you have fixed the errors? :downs: