MAD-Gaming [Oxide][Arena][Stats][Insta-Craft][No-Dura][Sleepers]Wiped 3-16

Fun server to play on. Fair admins that are on frequently. Recently wiped, so people are not overpowered yet.
You can notify an admin with suggestions for new mods, etc.
For direct connect, go into console (F1), type “net.connect”
To speak with someone about the server, message either “ColdBlood730” or “Pyrotize1” on Steam.

The below image is a picture of the arena currently on the server. We expect to make new arenas approximately every month or so.

Server is up looking for more people to join!!!

Mods on server:
Remove mod
Stats mod (kdr)
Arena mod
Groups mod
location mod
Ping mod

Server is also running air drops @ 8 players. No Durability and instacraft.

If you vote for server at you will also receive a reward via mod in game.

Make sure you vote to receive your in-game reward! Cast your vote at

We will be setting up arena awards tonight. Still looking for players server is running smooth. Invite your friends.

Still looking for more players

Arena is running great. If any one has mod opinions let us know .

Having an amazing time on this server! Lag free and lots of fun, come join! Good admins/mods.

^^^ come play the arena

Still looking for more people to join

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We had over ten people on the other night logged on. The arena was a huge hit, everyone loved it. Looking for more
people to join up and play.