"Mad Jack"


I wanna be good at editing

Jack Churchill? YES.

That man is insane.

I love it.

Oh dear! its MAD JACK!

Why did i except Heavy Rain?

Found out about Jack from the book “Badass”

:smiley: thanks guys! :smiley:

Did Jack ever actually use the claymore or was it purely for show? You know how the British are about that sort of thing (thinking of older military thinking/ideology as an example).

As far as I just read, he spent more time on the bagpipe :stuck_out_tongue:

o hai horsey

That he did, But, I figure i’d give him some respect if he really did do this :v:

If he used a longbow in combat, you can be pretty sure the claymore gave some Germans the good news.

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While we’re on the subject, how about taking out a German AFV with an umbrella?

It was his trademark. That, and playing bag-pipes into battle too let the enemy know of his posistion.

:v: I’ll make a series of these guys.

Yeah, do Tatham-Warter stabbing the armoured car driver’s eyes out through the vision blocks next time. Don’t forget the bowler hat!

I’ll need an umbrella model D:

Do this guy please!

Holy shit. that guy sure had balls.