Mad Max Models help

Hey, so ive been looking around for a very long time for this, and i would really like it if someone could help me or something with it.
I would like to port the models from mad max into another game, but ive got no idea how to get them, and as far as i know, there is nothing that can import the models into a model editor or anything like it.
Ive looked basically everywhere and i cant find anything, i know that there is a thread about this here: and i tried contacting peoples but i got nothing.
I would really appreciate it if someone could help me get a hold of the models somehow, ive been searching for a way to get them since the release of the game. Ive also looked a bit for the just cause 3 models, so if some of you have some info about those as well, that would be great. Ive worked with models before, im using blender but if i need to convert them into other formats for me to get them in blender, it should not be that much of a problem.
The main reason why i am very interested in getting a hold of those models is that, ive been modding for a game called BeamNG, and since i suck at making my own models, i port some from other games, and the ones from mad max looks freaking awesome and looks like a perfect fit for BeamNG.
So yeah, any help is greatly appreciated.

One model here:

For the remainder of the models, try ninjaripper or 3dripper.

Cool, thats one that i could start with, any idea how i could use ninjaripper? like any tutorials? ive tried it but i cant seem to get it working properly. plus i dont have 3ds max for the .rip formats.

Look for a blender import script.
As to get ninjaripper working:
Pick the location of the mad max exe
Make sure you are running ninjaripper as administrator
Beneath the “run” button, choose an injection method. Try them out until you find one that works.

If all else fails, use 3dripper dx or ask for help in the Xentax forums.