Mad Max pays McDonald's a visit

Again, nothing to write home about, at all, but I thought it was kinda funny to have Mad Max show up at McDonald’s.


Oh, and you wouldn’t think so, but it’s REALLY heard to fingerpose the fingers around a sawed-off shotgun. This is the best I could do.

could use more work with the finger posing…and maby editing

Did you see my edit?

I’ve seen that Ronald prop before, what is it from exactly?


Link it please? I have been having trouble with FPSbanana’s search

This I beleive. It may be a different McDonald’s map though.

Mad Max?

More like The Terminator.

odd, wasnt there when i posted mine

Yeah, I know that Max has five o clock shadow, right sleeve cut to the elbow, no glasses, et cetera, but I downloaded a bunch of CSS models from FPSBanana and installed them to use as gun models (to replace the default CSS guns in Gmod.) but none of them worked, so I used my Sawn off and called it Mad Max :confused:

Yeah, I know there aren’t any Max-y models around. I think I would have used that one too.

Unless someone ports the Leather Armor from Fallout 3, no Mad Max.

Mad Max?
looks more like the Terminator…
damn :ninja:'ed