Mad Max style Roleplaying

Hello all, today i have a idea that isn’t the brightist or the best out of all of the rest, but could be interesting to make.

As you can properly tell from my username i have always liked, maybe even loved, the Mad Max series, it has always provided some of the inspiration on my Youtube page.

Anyway, i will cut to it…

The basic outline of this gamemode would be Role-playing, but as other Role-Player servers are very slow and tedious to start off with, this gamemode will be different.

You would start off selecting one of the 3 groups:

[li]** MFP:** Have no real authority, but are trusted in the world. Drive mostly run down police cars, 4x4’s and trucks, but have added there own parts after the war.[/li][/ul]

[li]Survivalists: These guys will be the kind of people that are scavengers and comb the wasteland for different things that could help them. Drive Civilian cars and trucks that are both rusted and customized (Extra bolted on protection and such)[/li][/ul]

[li]Road Warriors: Blood-Thirsty road gang that have nothing to live for and survive by stealing the other factions supply’s, Drive Heavily customized vehicles such as Buggy’s, 4x4’s and large cars[/li][/ul]

**Technical **things:

The thing that will make this a interesting gamemode to play that it would be both fast-paced, but it will also have motives and goals, those being:

[li]Food: Everyone needs food, it is what it sustains us.[/li][li]Water: The Human body is made up of 90% water, you will need it.[/li][li]Shelter: You can’t sleep looking at the stars! Find somewhere to sleep.[/li][li]Fuel: You need Fuel to make the vehicles work.[/li][/ul]

Well, thanks for reading my little idea, and post what you think.

sounds good would be cool to see this turned in to a gamemode

The closest i got to something like this has been either Terminator RP or Fallout 3 RP

Honestly, just get some custom models and use DarkRP…

Or that…

If a script was created that would spawn supplies around the map this could work with a cakescript

That would be a interesting idea, maybe also incorparate this into that Source fuel mod that Spacewoot was working on, so gas cans actally fill your car up…