Mad Moments 10: Trust Nothing,

Bluh bluh shit comic.

Right click > View image.

If you don’t understand, go play nightmere house 2.

That was amazing.

just, amazing.

Referances all up in dis bitch.

I laughed to the point of coughing hysterically. :neckbeard:

Goddamn mannequins!

Hehe, I know exactly how that feels.

“Awesome, hallway’s clear!”
“Oh bugger, mannequins.”

Trust nothing. Kill everything.


Final Destination.

Simply brilliant.

Drinking coffee and reading a comic like this is not a good idea. Hilarious. Funny it is.

That must be hard for him to screw some mannequin like that.

This is masterpiece! I laughed so hard.

Mad-equin maybe?

Lame jokes aside, great comic Mad. Very funny.

i thought image would be gif…
ya know…
cuz manequins…

Ha ha that was perfect


I love these comics. :downs:

Remind me of NH2 when [sp]I saw a Swat guy pointing at the panel, so I switch off and than when I open the door and realize that it was a mannequins[/sp] I was all like :psyduck:

Darn Mannequins, I’m traumatized because of 'em.

Lol Like The Twilight Zone

This made me laugh so hard I cried. Have a funny.