Mad Moments 12: Lonesome Mad.

This shit too alot longer than it really should have. It’s also pretty big so let it load.

Right click > View image.

Fun Facts:
-Photoshop is a dick for crashing and making me do the editing all over again.
-This is the longest episode of Mad Moments yet.
-This comic does not encourage Inter-spieces or Inter-dimensonal relationships.
-The song “Lonesome Town” was the main inspiration for this comic, the version from the stubbs the zombie soundtrack to be specific.
-Nexus_Elite laughs at all of your problems, and steals candy from children (sometimes).
-Mother. Fucking. Manaquins. In love.

That was fucking hysterical mad.

And I was in it holy balls.

That manaquin knows how to boogie down.

don’t know where you get the ideas mad but i love it! still loading but so far its hilarious!

Did I somehow turn into Joazzz?

I think Joazzz was sitting in the recliner near the couch.

The alternate ending would’ve been doubly awesome had you had on a light gray long-sleeved undershirt.

Also I’m surprised turtle didn’t rape you to solve your little “problem.”

Must be the lack of crocodile blood in you.

Okay, that was awesome. I never knew Zeeky had facial expressions, actually.

I never seen Madman’s real face before.

Wow, mad, you do surprisingly resemble male_09

I saw it but when he was holding a fookin’ watermelon.

He loves dem fuckin’ watermelons.

Mad then causes a Paradox.

Hahahahaha. Oh sorry, i laugh at your pain.

That’s some crazy awesome shit right there.

Here’s a gun I made, you can have it if it makes you feel better.

The “TO THE LABORATORY !” pose is awesome ! Like all the comic .

That was great.

I liked how the characters in the backgrounds would move every panel

Holy shit it’s a meee!

The waiter guy cracked me up more than once.

I thought he hit people with a stick.

Damn Mad
That pick up line always work, you just said in the wrong texts balloons

Seeing what you actually looks like completely shatters my perception of reality.

I’ve been looking forever for one of those “Make your own shirt” sites so i could order myself a real madman shirt.

But all the sites i went too were shit.

Yeah i’m sorry to have to subject you to the horror show.

Well i originally picked male_09 as my PS for two reasons.

  1. He has awesome facal expressions.
    2.Me and him both have big noses.


I was too lazy to move them.

They’re actually cardboard cutouts.

I seem to have that effect on people.