Mad moments 5: Attack of the anime girls.

Never buy a mansion for only 5 dollers, it’s bound to have some draw backs.

Big comic so it might take some time to load.

Right click > view image.

Fire is bad, don’t do it kids.

Awesome work.


“The floor is shiny” :lol:

Bloody hilarious Madman.

Why do i always end up not playing anything :expressionless:

And striker gotta stop getting high all the time.

The comic is hilarious, nice work there.
(And the end is damm funny)

Pfff I want to die like Dtmech too :saddowns:

Pretty awesome comic.

hillarious madman have a :v: but that’s what you get for not joining the party atleast DT finally realized it

Nice comic as always!

Btw. I’m back, did you miss me?

Haha, hillarious!

But at least you will be good ghost! :stuck_out_tongue:

These are so awesomely awesome with awesomesauce on top.

You are good zombie goast

also: awesome.


Coach’s face was just brilliant :v:

Was Coach hiding in the closet or something?

Nah, he was probably searching for CHOCOLATE
Epic comic, Mad.

This freaking made my day. Have a funny.

Nexus has a weird mouth in the last image.

I laughed to hard

Wait a minute, I noticed they were playing Enemy Territory with SNES controllers…