Mad Moments 6: Monkey business

This comic is inspired by enhanced_ai’s picture he did.

Here is the pose:

And heeere is the shitty, slightly rushed comic:

Right click > view image.

Hurp derp.

Oh and if you haven’t guessed madman comic month was a horrible failure and i’m still crying over how much i failed.

:frown: poor madman

Love the comic.

Have a yellow sphere with the likeness of Lizard Boy.

Damn that Sonic.

Well, at least those barrels hit someone.

Don’t interrupt me while I’m looking at boobies!


I Told you to stop the Barrel spam, but you didn’t listen.

poor madman :frowning: still you’re great :slight_smile:

Barrel spam.

Why the hell you’d go all the trouble to sex up some sonic character, that isn’t even human.
Seriously, had I such a situation, I’d just fuck you in the ass.

That’s right, in your ass.

Hillarious, too bad you are loosing your selfesteem thanks to sonic.

Sonic’s a huge douche

Face it Madman, Amy Rose love Sonic more than you do.


Hey, if you want my avatar in bigger size, here it is.
All better now?

Well that was…

Completely random…

As always, hilarious mad.

It’s madly hilarious!

Just what I needed to keep myself awake at this time of night.

Tell me about it.

I want you all to know this happens on a regular basis.

Kill Sonic in the next issue.

Kill him hard.

And no, by “hard” I don’t mean the twisted way.

That… that just might be my favourite comic of all time.