Mad Moments 9: Dawn of Fail.

Right so, my internet connection died for a couple of days and out of the pure boredom (and madness) that come with no internet this is what i made.

This comic is also basic rundown of what i think of the 40K universe.

-Commander boreale is the best space marine commander ever.
-**Orks will come to your planet and ruin your shit.
-Imperial guard are useless cowards with shit guns, commisars are allways angry.
-Chaos is probably the best choice becuase they have hot daemonettes.

Remeber kids, CHAOS RULES.

I don’t really like how this comic turned out but i thought i’d post it anyway and see what you guys think.

Awesome. But chaos dudes dont do whatever the fuck they want, they have to cut themselves like emos. My team of SPEAS MAREENS are heretics, but arent quite chaos. Just chaos dudes wearing normal SM armour.

^ Pretty much all you’ll ever need to know about 40K right there

And yeah, pretty accurate representation, though I prefer Vance motherfucking Stubbs.

Dat line, you must hold it.

“What exactly am I supposed to do?”
“Whatever the fuck you want.”

Made my day Mad :love:

i dont know shit about 40k but the comic was damn funny

“Battel broders! Sphess Mahreens! Today teh eneemeh is at our door!..”

The “HERESY!” Spaz made my day.

And that is a game of Dawn of War with us.

The imperial guard open there mouth so wide, it can even fit some turkey in it.

Whahaha, laughed my ass off, great work.

in the end there should have been counter-invasion by Imperial Motherfucking Guard, because those lazy fucks of navy won’t bother themselfs with nuking a planet

You forgot to adda giant line of WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! in the ork rush.

Awesome satire comic about 40K, more or less my view on it aswell.

Well I must say. Real men play the Guard. Not those fancy power armored terminator Sphess Mahreens.

Imperial Guard all the way
Anyone not even slightly liking Imperial Guard is outrageously gay

Haha what the fuck. Space marines > chaos.

“WE HATH FAILED!” Accompanied by the guys expression with it made me giggle.

I lol’d. It was silly, but in a good way. I love your view of the 40k universe.

EDIT: Is it bad I only just spotted the LOLOLOLOLOL trail coming out from the drop pod?