Mad Moxxi ragdoll

I don’t know if it’s too soon to say but a Mad Moxxi ragdoll is being compiled by me.(With the help of Nubblecakes for for rigging it and making a request for it,and BabyFawnLegs for guiding me through the process by helping me with the problems i had)So far all i have is this:

But hey it’s a W.I.P so hopefully the final look will be like this:
Face poser i don’t know and for eye poser and finger poser(and maybe jiggle bone) But this is gonna be my first ragdoll anyway.

Hope for the best.

She has big boobz. :smug:

much appreciated, looking forward to this

She’s one of my favourite characters… And by favourite characters, i mean she has boobz.

Dem boobz.

Noooo why you say it?
the Boobz of fury will kick your ass :v:

And yours, and Bloo’s, and everyone else’s.