Mad over being killed?

I mean seriously why do people get so mad at dying? ESPECIALLY when they started the attack. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s part of the game. If you want to build a place and farm in peace join the PVE servers! Also don’t log in the wide open or easy to access areas…free loot. :slight_smile:

See you guys in game!

I don’t get that either, they join a pvp server and expect to not being shot (killed).
Once you killed them, they rage so hard threatening to destroy you life and house, normally I just laugh in their faces once they are at my house.
But yea its stupid that people rage for it.

you both mad

You don’t wanna know how MAD I am xD

Don’t slate them for being MAD!

It makes the game so much more enjoyable when you’re being raged at, haha.


Evidently i’m not tho…:yarr:

You got a point there mate :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I don’t know, maybe some people don’t like losing all their items and get a little upset like in any game where you lose your shit when you die?

And consider the fact that the PvE servers aren’t even online at the moment.

Combat is unbalanced. a gang of players with High-end PCs can shoot from long-distance with pin-point rifles before I can see or hear them. If it takes me an hour to collect a house, it should cost killers some time to farm me for resources. As it is, it’s not a survival game, it’s abuse everyone weaker than you.

Combat is unbalanced because you have a shitty computer? LOL… It’s called survival of the fittest for a reason kid, just learn to hide and come out only when it’s safe. You can’t expect to run around and gather resources without having some sort of danger.

The funny part is when people start bitching on dying even though they had nothing - I mean, you just spawned, why are you mad? You’ve got nothing to lose. The times that it happened to me, I’d be laughing my ass off at the idiots who shot me.

its harder to make a bullet to kill a freshly spawned dude than to press the respawn button on your freshly spawned character who just got killed !

(now give me a rustkey or open that goddamn store!)

Maybe because it’ll continuously happen to no end where it literally renders you impossible to progress any further into the game?

Pretty much those who are developed have an advantage and are free to do whatever they want without too many repercussions.

However, if you’re continuously being harassed as a naked, it’s pretty much impossible to gather the tools and resources you need to even secure a base or area that’ll keep you alive for even an hour.

I’d literally made a shelter in the middle of nowhere, no resources, no radiated areas, no box spawn areas and my mates and I still managed to get ganked by a gang of 4 - 5 players armed with Kevlar and MP4’s.

It’s a PITA I agree…I always have a weapon tucked away while resourcing, and if I see someone I just take off running. If you zone out and allow someone to get in clubbing range…well you need a lesson in situational awareness.

Those who I kill someone who have not attacked me are those who attacked my buddies. :slight_smile: Now if you log in the wide open(sleeper servers)…I just take your loot so you’d learn from it.

Think the funniest was a bambie came up to me over voice “IM FRIENDLY” then hits me with a arrow…needless to say my shotgun handled the situation. It’s funny seeing them yell OH SHIT and try to run.

It’s kill or be killed. I have hid in the rocks NUMEROUS times letting others pass before I bolt across the open. Use your brain…if you’re running around gathering resources and not keeping a swivel neck then you are bound to get shot dead soon.

And? This has happened to all of us. It’s part of the design.

There are No Sleeper servers up…which is better than PVE. Anyone tries to raid you…you can actually kill instead of standing there watching them.

Learn from your deaths and you will prosper. When I first started I literally died for a few hours before I could finally live and enjoy an hour or two of gameplay. If someone wastes ammo on a freshly spawned bambie that means they are trying to locate resources or enjoy killing. Farm in Kevlar :slight_smile: I have died countless times…by people, zombies, animals and hunger. Key is if you survive long enough to build a big enough shelter…you make it not worth raiding.

But nonetheless…LEARN FROM YOUR DEATHS AND ENJOY DYING! :slight_smile:

You joined these forums in July…you’ve had plenty of time to grab a key. lol

Since when has life been fair in both reality and virtual? And how is it not survival? You’re surviving against other players and the elements…thats everything about survival.

Welcome to life, if life were post-apocalyptic.

I lost everything last night to that french clan, forgot their name because they don’t matter, but yea…

How did I get the majority of that shit? I stole it from a group of people that had a lot of M4s and really bad aim. I was mildly upset, but not ragey. Live and learn. Don’t camp near the French. They’re assholes and if you’re down-wind it can bring tears to your eyes.

Sounds like kids on minecraft

Lmao gotto love fully geared kids hunting naked guys though

To be fair to those that do it, there are plenty of people that run around naked even though they’re carrying good gear just to make it look like they’re not worth killing. Not sure if the math ends up working out on the number of m4 rounds they spend killing random people with absolutely nothing vs how many they actually find on the occasional heavily armed naked guy but they seem to think it’s worth it.

Bang on! I do this… I try not to draw attention to myself… Hence the tiny… Well you get the point.

And the problem is that if we do not kill them, they will kill us

I’d say it’s 50/50 on whether a naked guy has a gun or not. More often, I can use psychology to tell which naked guys are armed well. Like my friend had his gun out and was chatting with one that wasn’t running for his life… So I shot him in the face. Shotgun and 9mm with holo.

Use your gut.