MaD Serious Roleplay|PHX|Wire|

MaD Servers started back in November, previously known as RaZ Servers. (Rick and Zack) (I am Zack) Rick and I had disagreements on many things so I decided to get a new owner, as well as myself. The new owner is DarthRiko, a wire expert and starting to learn lua. We own 4 Servers, yet to be 5.
Drugs Mod
All popular stools for building
CSS Realistic Weapons with Shipments
DarkRP (We are about to get a custom, modded, DarkRP)

Website: We now have a forum, which was just opened today.


4 darkrp servers?!

Waste of money.

Serious Roleplay =/= DarkRP.

As the now-dev of DarkRP said, it’s unsavable, so may as well make it more minge friendly.