Mad-Zombie (MZ) - need coders and mappers

hi there, i have a little request:

create a gamemode, that is very simple, it is about zombie’s and human’s.
it sounds very old and boring, but…
it would be fun…

team Human:
classes: rifle - M4A1, Pistol and heavy - Machine-Gun, Pistol
team Zombie:
classes: Zombie - knife, Jumper, Bow

then a F4 menu, for upgrading weapons, like scope or more firepower

me and one of my friends was playing for fun, and then we “created a game”, he was a Zombie, and i was a survivor.
he had, Jumber and knife
i had, assault rifle and handgun.
it was fun and spooky, when he was invisble, and tried to kill me.

we need some/one gamemode coder
we need also some mappers

we Have:
me: i am making the sweps, to the gamemode

(sorry for bad english), plz comment