MadCat Mech

Madcat mech I made. Oh course it walks and also has aimed missiles and lasers.

I do give credit to Sestze for the walking chip and my bro for making the torso but I did pretty much did all the wiring and other systems.

Yes, it is all PHX but this was aimed more for the wire factor.

Pictures. Sorry if they are huge.


Also, I got a video…

PS: I don’t know what to put for video tags, but it seems wegame never has worked on fp anyways.


As I guess I could say “request”, I tried some new materials. What I got wasn’t much better tbh due to the fact that I don’t have alot of detail making it looked stupid with more than one material. My bro and I might be making another mech soon, though still uncertain. If we do though, we will put some more time into details.

New, still stupid looking, pictures lol


Wow, vary cool. Never thought of a mech with a rotating turret =O*
The only bad thing is, well… It’s ugly =3
Surely you can pretty it up real good before, say, releasing?

giving it a different material would make it look so much better


looks like it functions pretty well, so good job on that

Well, I never really finished it and don’t really plan on working on it more but give me a suggestion for a material to use and I upload another picture of it if I like it better.

it looks like it operates fine, but definitely needs to look better. make the fuctioning parts invisible, and parent “fake” props to them. Like, instead of a phx bar, you see hydraulic pumps or something.

I suck with vanilla props and making things look really good so I didn’t bother =/


But it looks like it functions well.

Yeah, new material(s) would help and less phx, but it functions so…

I believe that function beats fashion. It works. That’s all I care about.

And that’s how this was intended.

Wait, I can’t see it - it must blend in with it’s surroundings

No but seriously, the body looks like it’s built to see if it can function (hip, waist, etc) which is what you were going for.
For future mechs, perhaps build a more basic body, then parent to that? just a suggestion

It’s boxy at the waist part because I never really was going to make it into a legit “fighting” mech so i just had it all boxy and stuff. Then my bro is like “I’m gonna make a body for you!” so I just kinda axised that on and added guns and whatnot. So really, I can say it was never ment to look really good.

PS: Good enough to pull 10 50,000 weight shipping containers on normal physical proporties :smiley:

I’m sorry but the legs are horrible =C looks pretty good however, next time go for the looks to please us all ^^

I wish there was a good tutorial on making a mech walk using wire or something.

Here we normally we want both I’m afraid

New, but still ugly material shots added to first post…

Looks better now. Though you should probably have some variance. Like. Legs and arms in a special material or like. Details in one material and the great aspects of it in another.

Hmm not as good as what i had been working on im trying ot add more detail and parented shit with mouse aimed torso and can for get detacth arms(if it gets shit then t=it may not function and it would woble and shoot he mech so when it damaged il have a hud that tells some props health) and i will just hit a butons and wire explosion removes it self and the broken part shuts off and dies

You should try some more materials, maybe the combine bunker mat for some of the cockpit, that sometimes looks cool.