MadCow Weapons 3.0 BETA -Broken-

I was making my own gamemode based of MadCow weapons, it was going fine after the Latest Gmod Update.
It totally broke the madcow weapons.
the error is:

weapons\weapon_mad_base\cl_init.lua:75: attempt to call method ‘CrosshairAccuracy’ (a nil value)

I don’t know how to fix it… cause of the update the crosshair is gone and mayor problems with the weapons.
Please help me.

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I have the same problem, the solution: make your own sweps.

I really can’t be bothered of doing that…
If someone got a fix?

Does anyone have a clue to fix this…?

Tbh, you posted this totaly wrong, this should go to the Lua section, not the GCC -_-

But wait for the auther to fix, or you fix it, or use own sweps

I’ve added it to Newbie question and suddently it came here don’t ask me how.

Wrong section

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no way
not just like 3 other posters said

Other then me 1 poster said it are you trolling?

For the lazy people:

I stopped to update the BETA. Sorry guys.

EDIT: I’m not an experimented coder. I’m maybe perfectionist but I suck in LUA.